Each year millions of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers use medications for an enormous variety of conditions and diseases. Many times - in fact most times - we may not know a lot about the use of these drugs in pregnancy or in breastfeeding. This year the InfantRisk Center initiated a major program to determine the transfer of various new drugs into human milk. 

One mother provided us milk sample to study Tysabri. Another mother provided us samples to study the transfer of Methylprednisolone following high IV doses, another mother gave us samples after she took the new antibiotic Linezolid for 2 weeks. We analyzed these samples and we are now publishing three case studies. Most importantly, we are now able to advise hundreds of other moms about their use of these drugs. 

We have lots of other drugs that need studing, but I need YOUR help in providing milk samples and patient names that might be willing to provide samples. 

Please help us help other mothers by finding moms who are willing to donate their milk samples. Please stay tuned to this page. The InfantRisk Center has rapidly become the major information center in this nation for drug use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. But I really need your help in providing research samples. 

Thomas W. Hale, R.Ph., Ph.D.
Director, The InfantRisk Center
Texas Tech University School of Medicine